External Publications

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43 Afraid to go outside 2019-11-20

The impact of conflict on children in Afghanistan

Save the Children Download Download
44 Global report on internal displacement 2019-07-05

NRC and IDMC global report on internal displacement 

NRC/IDMC Download
45 IRC Where is the money 2019-10-06

IRC Where is the money 

How the humanitarian system is failing in its commitments to end violence against women and girls

IRC Download
46 Displacement in times of armed conflict I 2019-04-30

ICRC study on displacement in times of armed conflict : how internal humanitarian law protected in war and why it matters 

ICRC Download
47 Second Monitoring Report on MoMP recommendations sees little progress since First Monitoring Report 2019-10-19

MEC 2nd report on the Ministry Wide Vulnerability to Corruption Assessment of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum:implementation status of MEC Recommendations


MEC Download
48 Left Behind_Situation for Waziristan Refugees 2019-10-14

NRC briefing note on Situation of Waziristan Refugees

NRC Download