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1 Important Notice about ITB-AFG-AFC-09-2023-Supply Delivery of Hygiene Kits DRC 2023-09-24 Download
2 Provision and Delivery of Solar Equipment, Freezers, Bathtub, and Oxygen Balloon AVCP 2023-10-07 Download
3 یو عراده کرایی کرولا موټر ته اړتیا/Rental Vehicle is needed HHRD 2023-09-26 Download
4 RFQ for purchasing of tailoring materials ref.n. AF415HC-2023-597-KBL HelathNet TPO 2023-09-26 Download
5 Provision of the Staff Unifroms GAAC Holding 2023-10-03 Download
6 اطلاعیه تصمیم اعطای قرارداد تهیه وتدارک24قلم تجهیزات نظامی ریاست عمومی محافظت ریاست الوزراء(PMPS) 2023-09-27 Download
7 اطلاعیه تصمیم اعطای قرارداد246 قلم لوازم آبرسانی ریاست عمومی محافظت ریاست الوزراء(PMPS) 2023-09-27 Download
8 Revised RFQ For Hub school Repairing Ghazni_Project 2023 COAR 2023-09-25 Download
9 Procurement of value addition kits for poultry enterprise Hand in Hand Afghanistan Organization HIHAO 2023-09-27 Download
10 Supply and Delivery of Winter Clothing kit ( Kunar Province ) Organization of Human Welfare-OHW 2023-09-30 Download