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SI Title Description Organization Format Close Date Download
1 The Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH-A) flood mitigation project in Khenjan district of Baghlan. AKAH 2023-04-08 Download
2 Construction of twenty five (25) deep wells ORCD 2023-04-10 Download
3 Invitation to bid AFG-AFC-ITB-05-2023-Supply of Excavator Machine DRC 2023-04-16 Download
4 Construction of twenty five (25) deep wells. ORCD 2023-04-10 Download
5 Invitation to bid AFG-AFC-Int-ITB-04-2023-March-tools DRC 2023-04-12 Download
6 REQUEST FOR QUOTATION PROCUREMENT OF LAPTOP COMPUTERS Women and Youth Future Assist Organization (WYFAO) 2023-04-06 Download
7 DACAAR RFQ 48, 2023 DACAAR 2023-04-10 Download
8 Request for quotation Afghan United Bank 2023-04-10 Download
9 RFQ-AVCL-KBL-23-0015 Provision and Delivery of NIRS Machine DAI AVC-Livestok 2023-04-25 Download
10 Provision and purchasing of Laptop computer for SIDA project AWEC 2023-04-04 Download