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11 Wakhan forestry program

Wakhan forestry program- collective action makes a differences (a success story of self replicating forestry program in Wakhan valley)

AKF 2017-12-11 Download
12 true potato seed

TPS final paper- true potato seed – improving food security in  Badakhshan

AKF 2017-12-11 Download
13 Potential Use of Medicinal Plants

Status and potential use of medicinal plants in tajik and afghan badakhshan

AKF 2017-12-11 Download
14 Plastic Film Technology

Plastic Film Technology ‐ a ray of hope for marginalized communities in Badakhshan

AKF 2017-12-11 Download
15 Hydro‐powered water pump

A new Hope for more Greenery and better Livelihoods in Badakhshan

AKF 2017-12-11 Download

This World Scout Environment Program resource book contains Program Activity Resources in Section 1 and fact sheets in Section 2 to help implement the program in Scouting throughout the world.

PARSA 2017-12-07 Download
17 Climate Change in Afghanistan

Climate Change in Afghanistan: Perspective and opportunities.

AWEC 2017-12-07 Download
18 Climate Change and food security in Afghanistan

Climate Change and Food Security in Afghanistan:  Evidence from Balkh, Herat, and Nangarhar

APPRO 2017-12-07 Download
19 Management and Regeneration of Pasturelands

Study on Management  and Regeneration of Pasturelands in High Altitude

MADERA 2017-12-07 Download
20 Impact of Migrations on Local Economy & Social Net

Case Study in Behsud I, II and Bamyan Markaz districts

GERES 2017-12-07 Download