Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs

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7 Afghanistan Vienna Country Report FEBRUARY 2019 2019-03-05

VIENNA Programme of Action For Landlocked Developing Countries for the Decade 2014-2024

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8 ASDGs Alignment Framework 2018-12-06

Afghanistan Sustainable Development Goals Alignment Framework 

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9 اهداف انکشافی پایدار افغانستان 2018-11-07

اهدا ف، تارگیت ها، و شاخص هاي ملی

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10 Afghanistan Sustainable Development Goals 2018-11-07

SDGs National Goals, Targets and Indicators -English

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11 Presentation by Mr Nabi Sroosh, Ministry of Economy on Afghanistan SDGs 2018-10-04

Afghanistan SDGs , South Asia Forum on SDGs 4-5 October 2018 New Delhi, India

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12 SDG Progress Report _IRC_ODA 2018-10-02

SDG Progress Report _IRC_ODA

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