Position Title: Provincial Hospital Director (Re Announced)

Activation Date: 19 September, 2023   Announced Date: 19 September, 2023   Expire Date: 26 September, 2023

Job Location: Faryab
Nationality: Afghan
Category: Health Care
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: According to organization salary scale
Vacancy Number: 691/2023
No. Of Jobs: 1
City: Maimana
Organization: CAF
Years of Experience: 5 to 10 years of experience managing health services delivery with at least five years’ experience in hospital management. (or a bachelor’s degree and 10-15 years of experience). Medical Degree or MSC in public health or medical field, is an advantage.
Contract Duration: 4-Months
Gender: Male/Female
Education: Master’s degree in public health (or a related field)
Close date: 2023-09-26

About CAF:


Care of Afghan Families (CAF) is a non-governmental, non-political, not-for-profit, and independent Afghan organization. The organization was established in January 2003 in Kabul and is registered with the Ministry of Economy. CAF is mainly involved in the fields of Health, Nutrition, Community Development, Education, and Research, For further information about CAF, please visit the website: www.caf.org.af


Job Description:


The Provincial /Regional Hospital Director will be in charge of overall hospital performance. He/she will make sure MOPH-EPHS rules and regulations are properly implemented in the hospital. He/she will work under the direct supervision of the PHCSHC Manager Lead

    • Overall responsible for planning organizing, leading and controlling of provincial hospital.
    • To prepare monthly action plan of the Hospital in coordination with the management team of the hospital.
    • To prepare monthly and quarterly hospital progress report (monthly a quarterly technical and financial reports) at the end of each month and quarter.
    • Assist the hospital staff to set their goals and objectives toward implementation of project.
    • To establish and/ or maintain different functional committees at the PH level.
    • Assist the management team in implementation of other initiative, SBM and PQI.
    • Supervise and provide on job training and continue to help the management staff in implementation of EPHS Project.
    • Ensure duly and smooth implementation of the project work plan and training plan.
    • Track project targets and outcome indicators on monthly base and make sure its proper achievements;
    • Ensure proper diagnosis and treatment procedures as specified in EPHS in PH of Faryab.
    • Lead and provide technical support to the project technical staff in their routine activities;
    • Coordinate, delegate and oversee responsibilities of project staff within the EPHS program to ensure achievement of objectives
    • Distribution of workload among the staff in line with the project work plan priority areas
    • Ensure overall management of administrative and support services like X-Ray, Ultra-sound, ECG, Lab services, Blood bank, mortuary, laundry and provision of food for patients as per EPHS-2005.  
    • Ensure that supervision and monitoring are taking place in the hospital by project staff.
    • Participate in problem solving activities of the project at field level and in case the hospital faces any challenge or problem then get advice of his line manager;
    • Support team in developing monthly reports, ensure for quality and accuracy of reports and data (cross check the data in registers, reports, tally sheets and patients’ files.
    • Responsible for the capacity building of staff, through conducting Training Need Assessments (TNA), Developing training plans, and conduct and leading capacity building programs.
    • To oversee the design, organization, and execution of staff, workshops and other major project activities.
    • Make sure all hospital wards are active and maintaining to provide health care services to the population in a standard quality;
    • Make sure the quality of services delivery including Infection preventions and waste management system, the hospital manager is expected to lead the application of standard based management (SBM) throughout the cycle from planning, and implementation to evaluation at the PH level;
    • Make sure that there are annual supportive supervision and monitoring plan broken down to monthly and weekly for the project technical staff and ensure its application;
    • Make sure, from the effectiveness/quality of supervision performing from all wards of the Hospital.
    • Ensure quality and quantity of food in inpatient wards and cross-check with distribution lists and delivery reports/ patient reports.
    • Standardize the Hospital based on EPHS, IP, HQIP, MSS, HNMC, TPM, PD, etc…
    • Follow to address the challenges, findings and constrains at the result of the monitoring from PH wards and make sure its achievements before next sessions;
    • Proper follow up of the Internal and external monitoring conducting by MoPH/PPHD, WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, TPM (3rd party) and others;
    • Monitoring of progress, the hospital activities and performance according to hospital targets and objectives.
    • To strongly follow up the hospital HMIS data base with filling DQAT on monthly base.
    • Conduct regular weekly staff meeting and ad-hock meetings
    • Develop plans and prepare staff and medicine kites for Emergencies (outbreaks, flood, earth quick, seasonal diseases, traffic accidents, etc…)
    • To oversee the implementation of the program within the agreed plans and budget.
    • Participate in any research activities related to project; Baseline Survey, Midterm Survey and End of Project Survey.
    • Monitoring visit of the hospital to monitor progress of activities.
    • Manage the staff recruitment need assessment and approval for recruitment
    • Signing Employment Agreement with Staff member of CAF on behalf of CAF
    • To keep staff motivated
    • Conduct annual staff appraisal
    • Lead and provide technical support to the project operational staff in their routine activities;
    • Ensure about accuracy of project financial report and all transactions are based on CAF financial policy;
    • Act according to the policies of CAF and make sure their constant application at field level for all the staff;
    • Ensure that the organization's human resource and other policies, guidelines and procedures are implemented appropriately throughout the project;
    • Ensure the project implementation is in compliance with the organization, MOPH and donor requirements;
    • Follow to set a standard performance for tech staff based on their job description and make sure to evaluate them for the set objectives within the set timeline;
    • Ensure timely provision of medical and non-medical supply to all wards of Hospital.
    • Regular attendance and organizing of Hospital board meetings.
    • Ensure participation of PH key staff in all task force and coordination meetings.
    • Regular participation in EPR committee meetings.
    • Regular participation in BPHS/EPHS coordination meetings in Kabul.
    • Participation in quarterly and annual review workshops.
    • Advocate for the organization and work for its excellent reputation among stakeholders, investors and beneficiaries;
    • Support the project management team in strengthening coordination with PPHD, BPHS, and other stakeholders at provincial level;
    • The Hospital Director acts as an advocate for the facility, encourages and facilitates
    • community involvement in the activities of the facility, and helps the facility educate the
    • community about its capabilities and services
    • Have good coordination within the hospital team and with HER project leadership & team.
    • Provide facilitation and support to external monitors and observers.
    • Regularly be in touch with HER Project team, Lead Project Manager, and HQ team
    • The Provincial /Regional Hospital Director will be in close coordination of the provincial PPHD and Project Director of the province
    • Any other related tasks given by his/her line manager based on the need.

Job Requirements:


  • Master’s degree in public health (or a related field)
  • 5 to 10 years of experience managing health services delivery with at least five years’ experience in hospital management. (or a bachelor’s degree and 10-15 years of experience). Medical Degree or MSC in public health or medical field, is an advantage.
  • Having strong managerial and team-building skills.
  • Received training in hospital management or equivalent.  
  • Fluent in English and local languages.
  • Good communication and presentation skills.
  • Having proper leadership skills.


  • Excellent knowledge of the English language (verbal and written)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • A proactive approach to solving issues.
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to create a supportive working relationship with all project teams
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work on Microsoft Office, Excel, World

Submission Guideline:


CV along with cover letterhead should be sent to:

HQ Office Address: House # 2194, Street # 7th Qala-E-Fatullah Khan District # 10th -Kabul Afghanistan

Email: jobs.kbl.caf@gmail.com

Provincial Office Address: Dr Obaidullah Hakimi House, Airport Street -Habibullah Bik New Abad Area -District # 4th -Maimana City Faryab Province Afghanistan

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for Interviews.

Important Note: Applicants should copy and paste the Vacancy Announcement (VA) Number which is VA# 691/2023 into the email subject line.


Submission Email:



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