Position Title: Vaccination, Community Engagement & Monitoring Extender

Activation Date: 25 July, 2021   Announced Date: 25 July, 2021   Expire Date: 05 August, 2021

Job Location: Nangarhar
Nationality: National
Category: Health Care
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: As per company salary scale
Vacancy Number: AWLSCC-HRM-21-88
No. Of Jobs: 1
City: Jalalabad
Organization: Afghan Winner Logistics, Services, Construction & Consultancy
Years of Experience: 5 Years
Contract Duration: 1 Year (3 Months Probationary Period) with possible of extension
Gender: Male/Female
Education: University Degree (MD or MBBS), Master of Health Policy or manager, Master of Public Health, social sciences, development planning, planning or evaluation
Close date: 2021-08-05

About Afghan Winner Logistics, Services, Construction & Consultancy:

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The company started operations in Afghanistan in 2010, upon registration with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA), the leading agency permitting national and international firms to retain funds from donors against the provision of specialized services in Afghanistan. The company offered a wide range of services in various fields of competencies to a number of clients in the Government, International Aid Agencies, INGOs.

Afghan Winner is committed to make every effort for excellence at all levels to ensure reliable, timely, efficient and cost-effective services to the clients. Afghan Winner take pride in its reputation as a reliable supplier in the markets by the virtue of providing quality services to its clients. Satisfaction is our Core Value by Provision of the Best Services.


Job Description:

Afghanistan is one of the two remaining countries in our region where polio is still endemic. With the declaration of polio as a public health emergency, Afghanistan is intensifying its efforts to ensure polio is stopped for good. Within the partnership for Polio Eradication, a communication strategy was put in place, with a focus on enhancing engagement with communities and families to promote acceptance of vaccination as well as increase demand for immunization against Polio disease. Thanks to all efforts, the number of refusals remains very low, the routine immunization coverage is not yet increasing significantly leading to an emergence of cVDPV.  Even if, based on administrative data, coverage is acceptable, compared to other regions, there is a lot of discrepancies between provinces and based on the AHS survey the Pent3 coverages by province is estimated in Nangahar at 56%; Laghman 67%; Nuristan 44% and Kunar 78% and these performances are far lower than administrative data.  In addition to the difference between region, at district level there is also different picture in performances; some districts are as low as 35% while others score above 170% coverage. 

This low routine coverage and the COVID19 pandemic that led to the suspension of polio campaign for about 05 months campaign and the low mass campaign quality mainly in high risk districts caused the resurgence of wild polio virus in the region and the emergence of cVDPV2 in all four provinces.

To continue supporting activities implementation after the end of ICN and ensuring that the region keeps high the performance, UNICEF supported the routine immunization improvement through the FMVs project that started in March 2020. They are working at health facilities level and are supporting the health promotion and integrated preventive interventions. They are female qualified staffs, Female Mobilizer Vaccinators (FMVs), and likely to contribute improving routine immunization performances.   

Given the current situation, additional capacity is anticipated to support all activities implementation efforts in Nangarhar (Shinwar cluster) of Extender having the capacity to handle different tasks are required. 

    1. Vaccination: routine immunization at Health Facilities level as well mass campaigns (SIAs) activities and administration of OPV by FMVs are supported to ensure high quality and coverage.
    2. Communication & Community engagement:  Assistance provided to FMVs, community stakeholders and media to improve vaccine demand, support refusals management and avoid anti polio rumors.
    3. Monitoring and evaluation: Regular monitoring and evaluation activities are undertaken to supervise field staff (FMVs), monitor activities, ensure administrative (attendance sheets) or survey data collection and analysis to improve of performances. Results and reports are prepared and shared on a timely basis
    4. Capacity building / supportive supervision: Support is provided with professional expertise and advice on all aspects during field visit for on job capacity briefing, training, and briefing of newcomers in the program or continuous capacity building.

              5. Represent UNICEF: Represent UNICEF if need be in meetings, joint monitoring, consultation, and ensure that UNICEF vision, values are considered and report to the team leader.



Job Requirements:

    1. Vaccination:

Ensure that routine immunization, as well mass campaigns activities and administration of OPV by FMVs are properly implemented and performance improved.

Duties & Tasks:

  • Routine immunization
    • Support field colleagues (FMVs) in vaccination activities planning and implementation and ensure that required programme reports are timely prepared and submitted.
    • Support, coordinate and contribute to the Situation Analysis and activities planning with consistent consideration of provinces / districts specificity.
    • Ensure that work plan and objectives are established, technical support is effectively provided to field colleagues.
    • Ensure that the program implementation progress is regularly monitored and evaluated for adjustment.
    • Ensure that REMT/PEMT, districts and NGO accountability is ensured for supply and non-supply assistance to avoid any stock out.
    • Identify health facilities and teams where there are gaps in vaccination and/or health education, low performance or discrepancies and support.
    • Support and contribute to implementation of micro planning exercise
  • Mass campaign
    • Support pre-, intra- and post- campaign phases, monitoring
    • Support pre-campaign sectoral coordination meetings
    • Provide support for campaign joint training and monitor activities including IPC for SM/ FLW to ensure activities are implemented and meeting technical standards.
    • Monitoring the pre-campaign preparedness, communication message and IEC materials dissemination and organization of advocacy, meetings, and pledge for demand generation.
    • Document activities implemented during the campaign.
    1. Community engagement

Provide technical support for community engagement to improve demand for vaccination during routine as well mass campaign.

Duties & Tasks:

    • Contributes to the development of communication materials and strategies to support advocacy and community participation for the Immunization Programme.
    • Maintains close working relationships to establish partnership and collaboration with external counterparts, community leaders and influencers
    • Conduct meetings with local communities and community influencers to gather their feedback on the campaigns, RI and address bottlenecks that can contribute jeopardizing polio program implementation.
    • Provide technical support to organize roundtables, Public Radio Announcements during & between SIAs or for routine immunization improvement.
    • Provide key data analysis and report of issues identified in term of community engagement, communication and provide support to address them.
    • Support meetings organization at provincial and regional level
    • Support local level community dialogues of addressing access issues  
    • Support orientation / briefing of media journalists to appropriately report on events related to PEI    
    1. Monitoring and evaluation

Participate to data collect, analysis and report drafting.

Duties & Tasks:

    • Support provincial and district level activities and facilitate data reporting from FMVs records.
    • Support drafting or data collection / analysis from tools used for FMVs activities monitoring and reporting.
    • Conduct timely and accurate monitoring and evaluation activities to ensure the program objectives are met and the strategy is effective.
    • Contribute to joint monitoring and evaluation activities with EOC, NGO, WHO for activities' adjustment.
    • Provide technical advice on data collection, management and analysis for monitoring and evaluation.
    • Support the M&E focal point to identify priority evaluation topics and implement them.
    • Support the M&E focal point to keep the data base up to date
    • Carry out data collection from field visits, FMVs report compile and analyze them for reporting.
    • Undertake field visits for supportive supervision to identify bottlenecks and provide corrective measures.
    • Provide technical support as necessary to identifying and adjusting a set of programme performance indicators, in the context of ER context and the changing situation
    • Conduct end user monitoring of polio plus activities
    1. Capacity building

Provide technical support for vaccination, community engagement to improve demand for vaccination during routine as well mass campaign and data collection and analysis.

Duties & Tasks:

    • Support briefing/ training tools development
    • Participate and monitor trainings before campaigns, during supportive supervision and routine immunization capacity building sessions.
    • During field visits, identify training needs; plans, opportunities to strengthen the capacity of field colleagues and partners for appropriate advocacy, communication, vaccine management or other area.
    1. Represent the program

If need be and in consultation with Polio program manager, represent the program:

    • Provincial meetings with NGOs, PPHD or any meeting where the polio program is expected to be.
    • Some EOC committee meetings


    1. Education:

An advanced university degree in one of the following fields is required: Medical Doctor (MD or MBBS), Master of Health Policy or manager, Master of Public Health, social sciences, development planning, planning or evaluation

    1. Work experience
    • At least five years' experience in public or community health or relevant field, professional experience in programme development and implementation with at least one instance exposure to team supervising and / or project management. EPI program management will be an asset.
    • Experience working in Nangarhar province context is an asset.
    • Nangarhar province: Residence in one of Shinwar cluster districts and / or ability to travel in all other districts in the province will be an asset and is highly desired.
    1. Language

Fluency in English, writing and speaking and fluency in locale language, Pashto and Dari.

    1. Competencies and other skills
    • Ability to travel to the remote health facilities for supervision and monitoring work under pressure. 
    • Ability to work in a team with supervision skills and Leadership, able to encourage other to achieve goals
    • Good knowledge of computer management and applications
    • Good communication skill to solve conflict between HFs directors and FMVs.
    • Promotes a results-oriented culture, work methodical and systematic to achieve her work targets.
    • Capacity to analyze and integrate complex quantitative and qualitative data to provide guidance and contribute improving the performance.

Submission Guideline:

  • Signed Curriculum vitae - Mandatory
  • Copies of relevant degrees. Possible cross-check - Mandatory
  • Signed cover letter with:
    • Contact: Phone number and email address- Mandatory
    • Your capacity and availability to work if recruited
  • Work Experience certificate: Mandatory


Only qualified individuals are invited to submit applications electronically to jobs@afghanwinner.com, before 5th August 2021, 16:00 hrs Local Time. Applications will be rejected after the closing time.

Your CV will not be considered if you don’t mention in Subject Line Title/ Vacancy number and the province you are applying for this position.


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