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Programme Associate (SCOPE/CBT)

Expiring on 2022-01-25

•    SCOPE: The Programme Associate will be part of Field office SCOPE team and responsible for management of overall SCOPE implementation at the Area/Sub Office level including: o    In close coordination with CO SCOPE team and Area/Sub office programme, plan and manage SCOPE registrations and SCOPE end-to-end rollouts; o...

Security Advisor

Expiring on 2022-01-31

Key outcomes Strong and diverse information network (local NGOs, partner’s networks, UN, INSO, IMF etc) established, from which reliable and up to date information on security may be obtained and applied by the team. Take support from Corporate Security Manager in establishing/ maintaining high quality systems and structures of security managem...

Trainees for Building Skills for Job ( شاګردان برای آموزش های فنی و حرفوی در بخش فرنیچرسازی )

Expiring on 2022-01-20

معرفی پروژه: پروژه انکشاف مهارتها برای دسترسی به وظیفه Building Skills for Job توسط موسسه ان سی ای NCA تمویل میګردد. پروژه نامبرده دو ولایت کشور (کندهار – هرات) را تحت پوشش قرار میدهد.‌ درجریان این پروژه ۸۲ جوان به شمول آقایان و خانمها در بخش های مختلف فرنیچر سازی در مرکز ولایات فوق الذکر آموزش خواهد دید.&zw...

Vocational Skills Trainer ( ترینر در بخش فرنیچر سازی )

Expiring on 2022-01-20

هر ترینر تحت سرپرستی مستقیم سوپروایزر پروژه مسولیت آموزش شاګردان بر اساس نصاب تعلیمی وزارت کارو امور اجتماعی را دارد تا هر شاګرد در حرفه مربوطه خویش توانایی کار را حاصل نماید.‌ تهیه مواد درسی برای کار آموزان  در صورت   عدم دست رسی به  مواد مذکور از وزارت محترم  کار امور اجتماعی....

EiE Project Coordinator

Expiring on 2022-01-24

Job Purpose The purpose of the EiE Project Coordinator position is to manage the day-to-day implementation of the education project. The Education Project Coordinator will manage and direct all operations and supervise Education Officers, Assistant, Master Trainers and Couples.   Job Description...

EiE Project Officer

Expiring on 2022-01-24

Job Purpose Under the direct supervision of the Education Program Coordinator, the Education Project Officer will be responsible for the day to day implementation of EiE (Education in Emergency) project activities including monitoring, supervision and reporting on achievements and challenges in the targeted Governorates of Afghanistan.   ...

EiE Project Admin Assistant

Expiring on 2022-01-24

Job Purpose Provides administrative support to project administration and project management. Maintains neat, orderly, complete documents and project files. The project administrative assistant will be responsible for facilitating, reporting and analyzing projects and all relevant documents under the supervision of project coordinator  

Travel Assistant

Expiring on 2022-01-24

Job Purpose The incumbent for this position is responsible in arranging transportation for deported unaccompanied minors/separated children from Gazargah Transit Camp to where they will be further processed and also being in close coordination and collaboration with Social Workers and their Supervisor for providing and submitting the movemen...

Community Centre (CC) Administrative

Expiring on 2022-01-24

Setup and manage the community centre with supports of project team Support the team to conduct awareness in the communities in terms of establishment of community centres. Facilitate regular and on-going communication with the ACTED team, partner organizations, government authorities and CDCs in the district and commun...

Sub Engineer

Expiring on 2022-01-24

He/she will be dedicated to this project and is responsible for the implementation and follow-up of the Cash for Work activities on a day-to-day basis over the period of the project. Analyze, identify and resolve all of Cash for work related issues at community base level and ensure the positive progress of the works in the community. Ability of preparing BoQs and...