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Senior Engineer IP Network

Expiring on 2021-11-02

MISSION: Network Engineer will be responsible for maintaining and administering TDCA’s computer networks, and Cisco Contact Center Support, Primary duties will include maintenance of computer networks, hardware, software, and other related systems, performing disaster recovery operations, protecting data, software, and hardware from the attacks, and repl...

Senior Analyst, Accountant

Expiring on 2021-11-07

MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES   Daily Review & Examine Vouchers on Accounting Software AX for Further Process. Preparing Vouchers of Provision Expense on Monthly Bases & Preparing Accrual Summary.

Analyst, Fixed Asset

Expiring on 2021-11-08

MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES:   Follow Fixed Asset (MRF, RGM & TRF) Cases and take action as required. Follow (FA Invoices) Cases and take action as required. Examine Capex Invoices and book to related accounts accordingly. Book all transaction of Fixed Asset (MRF, RGM, TRF & I...

Community Mobilizer

Expiring on 2021-10-26

Summary of Key Functions The Community Mobilizer plays a key role in designing and implementing the Urban health inivitive project activities on community level in Kabul, Herat, Kandahar and Mazar-e-Sharif.  Under the supervision of the community engagement specialist, s/he is expected to identify, connect and bring in the networked venerable community, including...

Deputy Sales & Marketing Manager

Expiring on 2021-11-11

Job Description: The Deputy Sales & Marketing Manager will be responsible for the marketing activities of a pharmaceutical organization in the constantly changing industry scenario. He/she executes the sales promotional activities, placing the advertisements, and other marketing strategies. He designs, develops, implements, and analyzes...

Communication Specialist

Expiring on 2021-10-27

Reports: Responsible for writing Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual reports. Developed a 2020 Communication Plan for CBARD-AIM; update/develop a 2021 Communication Plan got CBARD-AIM/ALL Success Stories: Write at least one success story on key project accomplishments ofCBARD-AIM, CBARD-East and West each Quart...

اساتید پوهنځی ها ( حقوق- اقتصاد- کمپیوتر ساینس) lecturers (LLB-BBA-BCS)

Expiring on 2021-11-12

تدریس مضامین مربوط ( مطابق رشته ) به طور نظری و عملی؛ تهیه مواد درسی برای مضمون ویا مضامین مربوط؛ حل مشکلات درسی محصلان از طریق حل تمرین ها و دایر نمودن درس های مشورتی و اضافی؛ همکاری با اعضاء کادرعلمی ومحصلان منحیث استاد رهنما طبق معیار های قانونی؛

Senior Grants Specialist

Expiring on 2021-10-27

Adhere to the ROP Grants Manual, to establish Project specific policies and procedures for the issuance and management of different types of grants, including developing/adapting templates, procedures, and regulations to be used for formulating, negotiating, obtaining approvals, executing, monitoring, processing funds request, ensuring compliance with the award documents, modifying and...

Analyst, Controlling and & MIS

Expiring on 2021-11-11

MISSION:   The incumbent will assist the department in all aspects of business activity reporting. He/She primarily will be responsible for all financial aspects regarding Network Finance Reporting and Controlling. He/She will appraise OPEX assumptions and plans to ensure most efficient CAPEX investment...

Business Support Assistant (Retailers Contracting)

Expiring on 2021-10-27

1.    Organize and conduct food retail supply chain and markets assessments to identify and contract wholesalers/retailers; 2.    Administer wholesalers/retailers contracts (maintain a contracts tracking database) and monitor/track retailers performances in coordination with partners, and based on well-established key performance indicators, 3. &...