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Specialist mHawala Finance

Expiring on 2023-12-13

1. Financial Monitoring: Monitor financial transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and payments made through the mobile money platform. 2. Financial Reporting: a. Prepare accurate and timely financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements and reporting it to Central Bank as per dead...

Psychosocial Counselor

Expiring on 2024-01-04

Provide individual and group psychosocial counselling to the project beneficiaries in Kabul target communities. Ensure professional psychological assessment and support for all beneficiary cases, and closely monitor and document the psychological recovery of cases. Produce and maintain accurate records of the be...

Transmission Line Commercial Head

Expiring on 2023-12-12

  Duties Maintain record of project data such as QA and QC forms and Joint Measurement Certificates. Prepare and submit the invoice to the client as per BOQ line items. Maintain invoice summary. Report the out of BOQ quantities to management for processing the amendments. Review and process constructio...

Transmission Line Construction Manager

Expiring on 2023-12-12

  Duties Plan and execute engineering and design implementation of transmission line and Substation projects. Coordinate, issue, and stamp Transmission Line construction packages. The packages typically will include plans and profiles, stringing charts, structure and foundation drawings, hardware drawings, phasing diagrams, and more.

Transmission Line Project Coordinator

Expiring on 2023-12-12

  Duties Maintain record of project data such as QA and QC forms and Joint Measurement Certificates. Maintain the project design data such as foundation design and drawing, tower erection design and drawing, and conductor/OPGW design and drawing. Maintained logs such as concrete strength log, material register log, submitta...

Project Scheduler

Expiring on 2023-12-12

  Duties Prepare the transmission line and substation project schedule. Prepare the work plan and report. Prepare 3 weeks' look ahead to plan. Updating the progress schedule. Prepare the critical path activities. Maintain document library. Importing and exporting data....

Transmission Line Quality Assurance Manager

Expiring on 2023-12-12

  Duties Prepare the QA SOP. Process the quality plan. Process the QC form and Joint Measurement Certificates. Execute the QA plans for the tower foundation, tower erection, and conductor stringing. Inspect the work in accordance with approved plans/drawings and specifications. Full command over founda...

Accountant 1 Taxation

Expiring on 2023-12-12

• Assist in preparation of accurate Monthly, quarterly, and annual tax reports and filing. • Ensure Preparation of Withholding tax by end of each month and transferring of withholding tax to MOF (Ministry of Finance) as per the given deadline • Assist in calculation of Quarterly Business receipt taxes, Telecom development fund and revenue taxes and their payme...

Senior HR Manager

Expiring on 2023-12-09

Job Purpose:  Responsible for leading and managing the functions of the Human Resources (HR) department including staffing, administration of HR processes, management of benefits, and enforcing company policies and practices in International Medical Corps Country Program Field Offices.  To perform this jo...

Agriculture Trainer

Expiring on 2023-12-09

Purpose of position:                                                         ...