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Translation Officer

Expiring on 2024-04-27

  Translate a wide range of written products, including reports, training materials, technical documents, and communication materials, for non-technical and technical audiences.  Translate text for infographics, charts, maps, PowerPoint presentations, and other visual content, for non-technical and technical audiences.  Proof of read and ed...

Maintenance Assistant

Expiring on 2024-04-27

Ensure smooth operation and maintenance of electrical systems, generators, water facilities, Armored Vehicle (AV) equipment, CCTV cameras, and backup power systems within the compound, addressing any issues promptly to ensure uninterrupted service. 

English Trainer (Male/Female)

Expiring on 2024-05-01

JOB SUMMARY The English Trainer at Muslim English Language Institute (MELI) will be responsible for creating a conducive and supportive learning environment for students. The primary goal of the position is to help students achieve their predetermined learning goals by teaching the four essential language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The English...

Support Services Coordinator (Head of Operations)

Expiring on 2024-04-20

Job Summary: Under the supervision of the Head of Delegation Deputy to Operations, he/she ensures the roll-out of the delegation strategy in her/his field of expertise at the national level, and as such he/she is the guarantor of the national impact of Terre des Hommes in her/his field of expertise...

Vaccinator - واکسیناتور

Expiring on 2024-04-20

1. عرضه خدمات صحی مسلکی در بخش معافیت کتله وی برای مستفید شونده گان به سویه شفاخانه   2. حصول اطمینان از موجودیت وسایل بخش معافیت کتلوی (یخچال، بکس های انتقال واکسین و سایر اشیای ضروری) در بخش معافیت کتله وی منظم در شفاخانه  

Night duty control Room

Expiring on 2024-04-20

Main responsibilities of the control room at night shift also will be responsible for days in weekends and all off-days. Proper monitoring of control room CCTV Cameras at night. Know the procedure of the alarm and how to take action on the office attack.

Security Trainer

Expiring on 2024-04-20

Provide practical weapons training for National Public Protection Force (NPPF) such as weapons cleanness, fixing, usage of weapons and etc. (both for Kabul and Oilfield) Provide security techniques for NPPF that how to dealt in fighting. Provide all necessary security training for all...

Internal Audit Officer

Expiring on 2024-04-21

  The Internal Audit Officer will be responsible to assist the Senior Internal Audit Officer for carrying out an independent appraisal of the effectiveness of the internal controls of DACAAR. Responsibilities: Design Audit progra...

Safeguarding and Capacity Building Advisor

Expiring on 2024-04-27

Internal Lead awareness raising about organizational safeguarding measures, code of conduct and workplace culture. Identify opportunities to strengthen workplace culture and system including safeguarding, equity, diversity, and inclusivity in sub-office administration. Provide full support and be an agent to saf...

Static Graphic Designer

Expiring on 2024-05-01

Position Overview: A Static Graphic Designer is responsible for creating visually appealing and engaging static designs for various mediums such as print, digital platforms, and social media. The Static Graphic Designer shall work closely with clients, marketing teams, and other stakeholders to understand design requirements and produce high-quality static vis...