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Business Analyst Oracle FLEXCUBE

Expiring on 2023-04-22

This role is responsible for developing core banking requirements for use in an Oracle FLEXCUBE environment. The primary responsibility is to understand business needs and convert them to written IT requirements for development, testing, and implementation.

Health Educator

Expiring on 2023-04-02

The Health Educator will primarily be responsible for the health education of communities and patients in the catchment areas. They will also be responsible for high impact intervention HII protocols. SEPECIFIC DUTIES: C...

Senior Logistic Officer

Expiring on 2023-04-04

The senior logistics officer is responsible for the arrival, security and shipping of goods, tools, materials and equipment used by ACF and ensures compliance with ACF logistics procedures. He/she is responsible for the use of the fleet in his/her assigned base. He/she is responsible for the mai...

انجنیر ساختمان

Expiring on 2023-04-07

طرح و ترتیب پلان کاری ماهوار، ربعوار و سالانه جهت رسیدن به اهداف پیش بینی شدۀ اداره. ارایه نظریات و راه حل های تخنیکی جهت بهبود یافتن پروژه های ترمیماتی. تهیه و ترتیب استندرد ها غرض فراهم آوری دیزاین های ویژه ساختمانی از جانب سایر نهاد ها و ارگان ها.

انجنیر برق

Expiring on 2023-04-07

طرح وترتیب پلان کاری ماهوار، ربعوار و سالانه جهت رسیدن به اهداف پیش بینی شده اداره. مطالعه و تحلیل نقشه های تهیه شده بمنظور دیزاین شبکه برق. صرفه جویی حد الامکان در بخش مصارفات برق ریاست . نظارت و با خبری شبانه روزی از تمام امورات برق ریاست....

Female Nurse

Expiring on 2023-04-04

Perform nursing services for patients. Filling ANC card and Growth Monitoring chart based on examinations. Assist in patient registration. Receive patients requires urgent care and report to medical doctor. In absence of medical doctor, diagnosis and treatment of patients based on his/her professional capacities and work experiences. Ensuring that all IPD pati...


Expiring on 2023-04-04

سهمگیری و همکاری فعالانه در  تهیه و مطابق دادن PIP (Project Implementation Plan) شعبه مربوطه  در زمان های مناسب  و اتخاذ اقدامات مناسب  و به موقع اصلاحی. پا بند بودن به وظیفه و رعایت قوانین وضع شده رعایت دقیق قوانین وضع شده شفاخانه و پابند بودن به وظیفه داشتن معلوما...

Finance Manager

Expiring on 2023-04-13

Responsibilities: Mission 1: Provide accounting services for the Base The Base Finance Manager is responsible for: ensuring that the Mission accounting procedures are respected on the Base the comprehensiveness and precision of entries and the correct budgetary allocat...

Head of TFU (Re Announced)

Expiring on 2023-04-13

Goal To support the Multi-sectoral PM in managing the Therapeutic Feeding Unit (TFU) with a specific focus on ensuring the high quality of the mental health and care practices component.   Objective 1: Contribute to the implementation of all activities and ensure the quality of health, nutrition, and MHCP activities in the Therapeutic...