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Call for Apprentices

Expiring on 2024-09-30

AVCP is seeking women apprentices to partake in a short-term apprenticeship program This program aims to aid small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as large businesses, across multiple sectors such as dairy, honey, saffron, and carpet, in addressing their requirement for a more proficient workforce. The program specifically targets women apprentices who are keen on enhancing their skill se...

Security Supervisor

Expiring on 2023-11-30

The objective of the Security Supervisor is to provide security services to AFIAT staff and property in the relevant province. General Responsibilities: Reporting: Reports to Senior Provincial Manager (SPM) on a day-to-day basis with technical direction from the Regional Security Officer  (RSO) Writ...

Security Guard/ ﻣﺤﺎﻓﻆ /ﮔﺎرد

Expiring on 2023-11-30

Document, keep, and log on/off all visitors’ entrances and exits from the office building Politely welcome all visitors Inspect any problems to office equipment and report to responsible person Immediately report any breaches to office security Ensure the office is kept clean at all times and that all office equipment are arranged properly

Medical Doctor (Female Applicants Only)

Expiring on 2023-12-02

RESPONSIBILITIES Provide outpatient consultation for women and children under 5, including IMNCI. Provide clinical lead supporting IMNCI nurse and midwife to manage cases and ensure high quality of care delivered. Direct involvement in clinical care delivered in the BCH...

Operations Officer

Expiring on 2023-12-05

MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB:            The Operations Officer will be responsible for supporting the provincial team by collaborating with the Kabul finance, operations, and procurement teams to prepare documentation for payments, track payments, support logistics for activities, oversee other oper...

Project/Quality Assurance Manager and Engineer

Expiring on 2023-12-23

Job Summary: As a Quality Assurance Engineer, you will be responsible for ensuring the quality and compliance of construction projects within your assigned lot or project location. Your role involves inspecting, monitoring, and reporting on construction activities to ensure they meet project specifications and industry standards. You will work closely with project tea...

Environmental, Social, Health and Safety (ESHS) Officer

Expiring on 2023-12-23

Job Summary: As an Environmental, Social, Health and Safety (ESHS) Officer, you will play a crucial role in ensuring that environmental, social, health, and safety aspects of projects are effectively managed and compliant with relevant standards and regulations. You will work closely with project teams, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies to mitigate environmental and social ri...

Litigation Officer

Expiring on 2023-11-30

Litigation Officer is responsible for handling and verifying the documents of returnees and make sure that the document is matching with the Kobo report and no deviation is existed. Key Responsibilities: The litigation officer is responsible to facilitie...

Crowd Controller

Expiring on 2023-11-30

Main Responsibilities: Check security passes for individuals entering the encashment compound Closely supervise and control the crowed of new returnees in encashment center Try to make the que for receiving the cash and others assistance they are entitle. Ensure and deliver receipts and other valuable items. Make sure that every indi...

Business Support Assistant (Flight Monitor, Helper 1, Helper 2)

Expiring on 2023-11-30

Performs a variety of administrative duties, such as answering phones, filing, scheduling meetings, data entry, and providing general support. Depending on the company, additional duties may include light bookkeeping, invoicing orders, or processing payments. Ensuring records are kept up to date and information is easy to find by catch...