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Expiring on 2022-11-30

صلاحیت و مسئولیت های وظیفوی:  وظایف تخصصی: راه اندازی مصاحبه با شخصیت های فرهنگی، اجتماعی، سیاسی و مردم عام و جهت جمع آوری معلومات و تحقق اهداف اداره مربوطه. تهیه اخبار و گزارشات از رویداد های  ولایتی جهت انعکاس و...


Expiring on 2022-11-30

هدف وظیفه: ترتیب و تنظیم  برنامه ها، پلان نشراتی ، تهیه مواد خام و حصول اطمینان ازآماده ساختن ، کنترول  و نشر به موقع آن از طریق رادیوتلویزیون ملی  در مطابقت به پالیسی نشراتی و اهداف عمومی اداره --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Call for CVs Provincial Supervisors/extenders

Expiring on 2022-11-28

The Provincial Supervisors/extenders will be leading the Survey team in the filed The Provincial Supervisors/extenders will be required frequent visits to target areas and will be reporting to the project manager. The incumbents will be required to prepare weekly plan of their activities that will clearly lay out what he/she wishes to implement in the following wee...

Community Mobilizer

Expiring on 2022-12-05

General Position Summary: The community mobilizer will work closely with the herders in the villages and districts level, mobilize male and female herders, enhance their capacity to identify livestock extension and business development issues, develop plans and retain sustainable income resources. Their role is to facilitate active participation of all beneficiaries...

Human Resources Assistant ( Subject to Funding)

Expiring on 2022-12-03

ROLE PURPOSE:  The HR Assistant will support the HR Unit to ensure that recruitment policies and procedures are followed with no interference, corruption or nepotism. She/He will assist the unit lead to ensure that correct documents are filed for each member of staff. The He/She is to assist in all human resources operations includi...

Call For CVs Social Mobilizer

Expiring on 2022-11-28

Community mobilization and awareness raising about ORCD objectives and interventions, beneficiary selection criteria, social contracts, process of beneficiary profiling and baseline survey Collect data and information about project beneficiaries for the purpose of profiling, conduct interviews aimed at data collection of baseline survey and countersign Social Contracts b...