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Admin/Logistic Assistant (Re Announced)

Expiring on 2022-10-08

(JOB SCOPE / OBJECTIVES): Under the guidance and supervision of the Operations Supervisor or his/her nominees, the Admin/Logisti Assistant is responsible for applying logistics-based management techniques, operational oversight, handling procurement locally and internationally, maintaining...

Electrical Engineer (Re Announced)

Expiring on 2022-10-08

OBJECTIVES: The overall objectives are to: Strengthen the electrical design capacity of AKAHA Oversee that all contract correspondences and actions are made incompliance with the relevant contract agreements, stipulations, doc...

Shelter Engineer انجینر ساختمانی

Expiring on 2022-10-08

Shelter Engineer is one of the senior technical staff in the field for implementation of shelter interventions. Shelter Engineer will be responsible for the assessment of the building as well as responsible for giving technical guidance and supervisions to the technicians/masons, social mobilizers, volunteers as well as community people and beneficiaries. Apart from this, Shelter Engineer will...

Social Mobilizer مبلغ اجتماعی

Expiring on 2022-10-08

Social Mobilizer are the staffs who will be working directly with the community.  They should possess the capacity to mobilize the volunteers and be able to disseminate messages to the Community for the safe shelter campaign. In addition, they will be focusing on the interventions related to the socialization of shelter programming, awareness raising, getting beneficiaries ready for the re...

Provincial Field Monitor

Expiring on 2022-10-20

The successful candidate will connect and meet with various contacts throughout the province to collect and disseminate information pertaining to humanitarian safety. He/She will have a good knowledge of the local context based on prior experience and local connections. He/She will also be able to understand the nature of NGO activities in the province. کاندید موفق در قسمت اطلاع رسانی...

Provincial Community Mobilizer

Expiring on 2022-10-17

Provide program support such as administrative, project management, coordination, monitoring, and support to project officer/manager. Oversee daily operations in the province and coordinate activities of the programs and to ensure the delivery of project targets are achieved. Provide t...

Shelter Site Engineer (Re Announced)

Expiring on 2022-10-12

Background Information - Job-specific The Shelter Site Engineer will be responsible for the implementation of the shelter repair project. Functional Responsibilities Asses...

Project Manager (Re Announced)

Expiring on 2022-10-13

Background Information - Job-specific The Project Manager will be responsible for the implementation of the emergency  Shelter and winterization project in Paktika province. Functional Responsibilities