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50 Afghan Women in Tech

Expiring on 2023-03-31

Purpose   The Aseel 50 women in tech is a program designed to recruit, develop, and empower Afghan female talent worldwide, specifically in Afghanistan. Chosen candidates will work remotely alongside global staff using Aseel’s advanced cloud environment showcasing professional skills and abilities. Join our mission to support Afghan families by raising emergency r...

Provincial Project Manager

Expiring on 2023-03-23

General Responsibilities The Provincial Project Manager shall be responsible to ensure that all activities are implemented according to the project work plan and to ensure effective record keeping of all project activities by team members.  She/he will support the National Project Focal Point and the M&E Manager to conduct monitoring and evaluation of the project activit...

Education Officer

Expiring on 2023-03-23

Assist the education coordinator in establishing appropriate systems to implement the Education activities in partnership with communities and district education authorities. To assist the National Project Focal Point to establish and strengthen the coordination between all stakeholders in particular members to work as one entity. Manage technical issues of th...

Admin and Finance Officer

Expiring on 2023-03-23

The Administrative/Finance Officer establishes and maintains efficient administrative systems and control mechanisms to support the smooth running of the operations and ensure compliance with administrative, human resources and financial rules and procedures. Responsibilities include: Manage the day-to-day human resource, financial and administrative functions of the project...

HR Officer

Expiring on 2023-03-23

Human resources (HR) Officer is responsible for hiring, developing and looking after employees. The Human resources (HR) Officer maintains attendance of employees and ensures monitoring of staff performance  Responsibilities include: Provide support in managing recruitment. Prepare contracts maintain employee’s personal data. Printing and filli...

IT Officer

Expiring on 2023-03-23

Install and update all necessary software’s in computers. Keep the records of all CDs having the necessary software’s. To act as responsible member of the Procurement Committee in quality control of IT related items and equipment Set up Outlook emailing system for all SADA employees in Field Offices and make sure that staff are feeling comfortable in using them

Communication and Liaison Officer

Expiring on 2023-03-23

A liaison officer works in fast-paced, high-pressure environments and must be willing to take initiative to proactively solve conflicts and address issues. As their primary task is to coordinate activities and communications among people, agencies and organizations, successful liaison officers must showcase strong organizational skills. They prepare and deliver verbal communications, such as pr...

M&E Officer

Expiring on 2023-03-23

Develop and strengthen monitoring, inspection and evaluation procedures Monitor all project activities and progress towards achieving the project output; Recommend further improvement of the logical frame work; Develop monitoring and impact indicator for the project success; Monitor and evaluate overall progress on achievement of results; Monito...

سرویر / Surveyor

Expiring on 2023-03-29

هدف وظیفه:  اجرای سروی ملی قریجات در تمام ولایات کشور مسئولیت های وظیفوی: تهیه و ترتیب پلان کاری هفتوار و ماهوار در مطابقت با پلان عمومی سروی جهت بدست آوردن اهداف تعیین شده. اجرای سروی...

Logistic and Supply Officer

Expiring on 2023-03-23

General Responsibilities Logistics Manage procurement and logistics of all the requested goods under the direct supervision of the Logistics Manager. Checking and confirming that the requested goods are approved by the authorized responsible.