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Business Analyst Oracle FLEXCUBE

Expiring on 2023-04-22

This role is responsible for developing core banking requirements for use in an Oracle FLEXCUBE environment. The primary responsibility is to understand business needs and convert them to written IT requirements for development, testing, and implementation.

Project Manager

Expiring on 2023-04-15

POSITION BREIF DESCRIPITION: The position will be for six months and project manager will be responsible for overall controlling and managing the project activities and should have regular communication with stakeholder and smooth reporting accordingly based on approved work plan.

Field Supervisor

Expiring on 2023-04-15

POSITION BREIF DESCRIPITION: With the close coordination of project manager, Supervise will be responsible to control the process of beneficiary’s selection, method of theoretical and practical training of beekeeping, business management training, marketing analysis and quality control of honey production.&n...

Beekeeping Trainer

Expiring on 2023-04-15

POSITION BREIF DESCRIPITION: Conducting theoretical and practical Beekeeping training as local language or based of beneficiary’s literacy. Develop a plan to conduct an effective and efficient training for 100 beneficiaries during two months.

BDs Trainer

Expiring on 2023-04-15

POSITION BREIF DESCRIPITION: Business management trainer will be responsible to guide the beneficiaries  by conducting theoretical and practical training for beneficiaries and how to manage and develop their small –scale Business and enhance the value products of honey.

انجنیر ساختمان

Expiring on 2023-04-07

طرح و ترتیب پلان کاری ماهوار، ربعوار و سالانه جهت رسیدن به اهداف پیش بینی شدۀ اداره. ارایه نظریات و راه حل های تخنیکی جهت بهبود یافتن پروژه های ترمیماتی. تهیه و ترتیب استندرد ها غرض فراهم آوری دیزاین های ویژه ساختمانی از جانب سایر نهاد ها و ارگان ها.

انجنیر برق

Expiring on 2023-04-07

طرح وترتیب پلان کاری ماهوار، ربعوار و سالانه جهت رسیدن به اهداف پیش بینی شده اداره. مطالعه و تحلیل نقشه های تهیه شده بمنظور دیزاین شبکه برق. صرفه جویی حد الامکان در بخش مصارفات برق ریاست . نظارت و با خبری شبانه روزی از تمام امورات برق ریاست....


Expiring on 2023-04-08

Position Summary: The midwife is responsible for the provision of basic midwifery services and health education for women and girls attending/visiting WFHS. She will support social mobilizers in mobilizing women and girls for health education sessions. She will conduct awareness raising about child rights...

Community Mobilizer/ Community Outreach Worker

Expiring on 2023-04-08

  Position summary: The Community Outreach Worker/ Community Mobilizer will work in the WFHS established in the community. The community mobilizer will provide awareness raising of Psychosocial Support (PSS) in the community. This role includes providing information on existing services and linking women or girls with WFHS activities and services. The detailed jo...