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Coordination Assistant -Paktia

Expiring on 2023-11-30

The Coordination assistant position is a full-time job that is responsible for providing support to the regional manager in Afghanistan.  Regular hours of work are 8 hours- Sunday through Thursday or as scheduled during travel and as noted in the Employee Handbook. ESSENTIAL TASKS Essential tasks include the following:

Regional Manager - Paktia

Expiring on 2023-11-30

Under overall ACBAR policies and direction, Regional Manager assumes the responsibility of fostering good governance, transparency, and accountability among NGOs while enhancing their overall perception. In this capacity, the Regional Manager is tasked with the following responsibilities: ESSENTIAL TASKS

Project/Quality Assurance Manager and Engineer

Expiring on 2023-12-23

Job Summary: As a Quality Assurance Engineer, you will be responsible for ensuring the quality and compliance of construction projects within your assigned lot or project location. Your role involves inspecting, monitoring, and reporting on construction activities to ensure they meet project specifications and industry standards. You will work closely with project tea...

Environmental, Social, Health and Safety (ESHS) Officer

Expiring on 2023-12-23

Job Summary: As an Environmental, Social, Health and Safety (ESHS) Officer, you will play a crucial role in ensuring that environmental, social, health, and safety aspects of projects are effectively managed and compliant with relevant standards and regulations. You will work closely with project teams, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies to mitigate environmental and social ri...

Admin/Finance (Re Announced) (Re Announced)

Expiring on 2023-12-05

Job Purpose:                                                               ...

Business Support Assistant (Flight Monitor, Helper 1, Helper 2)

Expiring on 2023-11-30

Performs a variety of administrative duties, such as answering phones, filing, scheduling meetings, data entry, and providing general support. Depending on the company, additional duties may include light bookkeeping, invoicing orders, or processing payments. Ensuring records are kept up to date and information is easy to find by catch...

Site Maintenance Assistant

Expiring on 2023-11-30

Plan, coordinate and provide a variety of site maintenance and installation works, to ensure preventive maintenance (e.g., generators, water heaters, water pumps, etc.) is carried out regularly ensuring well-functioning equipment. Coordinate and/or provide pottering and cleaning services (e.g., moving assets, reorganizing/installing wo...

ICT Clerk

Expiring on 2023-11-30

Troubleshooting end-user software and hardware-related problems. Identifying, assessing solving, and/or escalating software and hardware-related problems to second and/or third level. Testing and installing hardware and software in accordance with the Afghan Winner International IT policies and Standa...

Psychologist Counselor (Female)

Expiring on 2023-12-10

Job Description: The counselor will provide mental health and psychosocial support services to women and girls who have been affected by mental health issues. These services aim to help those at risk and suffering, by providing referrals, counseling, psychological support, and...

Community Mobilizer

Expiring on 2023-12-03

Main duties and responsibilities: Develop field visit plan and implemented properly Visit the community and give awareness about the activities of WFHS. Distribute the Dignity kit to the beneficiary and keep the record properly