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Education Field Officer (EFO)

Expiring on 2022-10-15

          Scope of work: Education Field Officer (EFO) is the core member of the Education Unit at the Regional Management Office (RMO) level. The Education Field Officer (EFO) is responsible for providing the opportunity for inclusive education for all school-age children with a deep focus on gir...

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer

Expiring on 2022-10-12

The main expectations for this position over the next period in regard to strategic targets and plans: NCA is looking for an experienced, technically competent M&E person who is a team player and has good leadership and communication skills. The post is based in Takhar province, and is responsible for monitorin...

MHNT Supervisor

Expiring on 2022-10-10

Job Summary MHNT Supervisor works closely with project provincial coordinator and provides high quality of technical and managerial support to program and technical staff in order to attain project goals and objectives and provide supportive supervision from target district.  

Team Leader MD (MHNT)

Expiring on 2022-10-10

Job Summary The team leader is responsible for overall management of mobile health affairs activities in Target province. He/She works closely with mobile health team and provides technical and non-technical assistance to the project team. Job Description Work in collaboration with t...

Psychosocial Counselor/Psychosocial Support Officer (MHNT)

Expiring on 2022-10-10

Job Summary The MPHSS counselor is responsible for implementation of psychosocial care and practice integrated with the health intervention in target province   Job Description Identify the psychosocial care needs of the mothers and care takers in the health facility and design methodology for i...

Vaccinator (MHNT)

Expiring on 2022-10-10

Job Summary The vaccinator is responsible for overall management and provide immunization services for the mobile target group.   Job Description Manage cold chain system according to MoPH/NEPI protocols Conducting vaccination acti...

Female Nutrition Nurse (MHNT)

Expiring on 2022-10-10

Job Summary The Nurse is responsible for overall management/treatment and provide nursing services for mobile target group.   Job Description Register and undertake growth monitoring including weight, height, Mid Upper Arm Circumference Measurement of all children unde...

Midwife (MHNT)

Expiring on 2022-10-10

Job Summary The midwife is responsible for overall management and provide RMNCH services to mobile target group. Job Description Provide RMNCH services based on MHT guideline Provide basic newborn care including neonatal resuscitation, thermal care, skin to skin contact, eye care ((tetracycline eye...

Project Manager (Re Announced)

Expiring on 2022-11-15

To lead, control and manage the provincial office in terms of program planning, implementation, coordination and monitoring, and evaluation of the project To coordinate the programs with entire project-related stakeholders and engage them when and where required for effective running and implementation of programs To facilitate and coordinate sessions, trainings, v...

Provincial Coordinator

Expiring on 2022-10-13

Oversighting of medical and non-medical guidelines and policy implementation Active coordination and participation in PHCC, interagency, and security meetings Ensure medical quality assurance action plans are followed to meet MSI standards Co-develop training plan for staff and outside doctors and midwives Contracting all the trainers, trainin...