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Project Female Supervisor

Expiring on 2024-07-03

The project supervisor, under the direct supervision of the project coordinator/manager, is responsible for the smooth implementation of humanitarian assistance to returnees and host communities; Conducting weekly supervision of visits to service delivery points of, HFs and hospitals; Provide feedback about find...

Gynecology/ Obstetrics Specialist

Expiring on 2024-07-03

Ensuring 24-hour quality and standard GYN/Obs care and services based on EPHS requirements; Diagnosing and treating various medical conditions that impact women’s health. These duties include diagnosing and monitoring illnesses and diseases, providing medical support to pregnant women and performing routine check-ups on female patients; Working closely with e...

CPIMS+ Supervsior

Expiring on 2024-06-27

Provide supportive supervision to case workers Supporting in analysis of case management caseload, assigning cases to case workers, supervision and coaching. Ensuring close coordination and tracking of children receiving case management including regular follow up as per prioritization and vulnerability criteria Provide technical and management leadershi...

Social Worker

Expiring on 2024-06-27

Duties and Responsibilities •    Conduct follow up interviews of working children in Torkham border •    Participation in all workshops and seminars organizes for children, for the awareness of children situation. •    To survey family situation of children in crisis including families, orphan children, extremely v...

Psychosocial Counselor

Expiring on 2024-06-27

Provide individual and group psychosocial counselling to the project targeted benificiaries in Torkham border in Drop-in centers Provide capacity building to case workers, CFS facilitators, community leaders, and other partners on guiding principles to SGBV, basic counseling and standard case management practices. Ensure that all individual case files are opened an...

GBV Social worker/ counselor

Expiring on 2024-06-27

Provide direct support and care for adult survivors of GBV and age-appropriate specialized support and care for adolescent, male, and girl child survivors of GBV, including counseling and case management.  Follow GBV guiding principles of respect, confidentiality, and safety/security, and non-discrimination while providing services. Establish a hotline and pro...

Child Protection Officer

Expiring on 2024-06-27

Provide support to the Provincial Project Manager in program quality, overall coordination, protection and monitoring of field works. Develop and providing the child protect and promote child right material Submit progress reports to Project Manager and Programm Manager. Under take regular field visit on program quality and Provide recommendations a...

Psychosocial Counselor (Re Announced)

Expiring on 2024-06-30

Conduct individual and group advance counselling session for the clients and the community at the PARR area Health Facility on MHPSS on regular/daily basis. Conduct regular awareness raising sessions on MHPSS. To ensure privacy and confidentiality including all client records.


Expiring on 2024-07-06

دولادت څځه مخکي ،وروسته او دولادت په جريان کې د مورپاملرنه کول او د IMPAC دپاليسيو مطابق دحاملګي او دولادت داختلاطاتو مدیریت. د نوي زېږېدلي ماشوم پاملرنه او همدارنګه میندو ته د کورني تنظیم په اړه د مشاورې او خدماتو وړاندې کول. په انفرادي او ګروپ...